$100,000 Warranty

The Structural Warranty For New & Existing Homes

Provided With Every Home Inspection


About This Warranty

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The NXT Structural Service Contract is exclusively offered FREE OF CHARGE by Residential Warranty Services(“RWS”) on homes inspected by a qualifying Certified Inspection Expert (“CIE”). The Contract covers only those items that were noted in the CIE Inspection Report as being free of defects or which had any listed defects repaired by a licensed contractor, so long as documentation of the same is provided to RWS with your claim submission, and so long as the repairs were properly completed and fully repaired. The contract holder is responsible for regular maintenance of the property, including not planting trees or shrubs close enough to the home’s foundation to cause damage, establishing and maintaining negative grading away from the home, and must follow the claims procedure listed below in order to be eligible for coverage. This contract covers only those items and/or occurrences expressly specified herein and excludes all others – while some commonly excluded items are included for transparency purposes, these lists are not inclusive and only those items specified as covered herein are within the scope of the Contract. Please read this entire contract for coverage terms as this contract is one of adhesion; payment indicates your acceptance of coverage and of its terms, conditions, and limitations.

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Structural Warranty PDF

Making a Claim

All claim types can be made by calling 1-800-544-8156 and must be made between the date of contract commencement at noon and the date of expiration at midnight. The contract holder is entitled to service beyond the date of the Contract’s expiration so long as the claim has been filed within the warranty period.

A claims processor will field your call and ask you to provide contact numbers, an email address, and a description of the problem. If the claim appears to not be covered under the warranty contract, we will do our best to inform you so that you do not have to pay a deductible for a non-claim. If the claim appears to fall under the warranty coverage provided, then the claims processor will forward your claim to a contractor, who will then call you to schedule an appointment time. RWS will make every reasonable effort to get a contractor dispatched within 24 business hours of contacting RWS.

Do Not Call a Contractor Before You Call RWS

RWS will not be liable for any costs associated with a contractor selected by the contract holder without prior authorization. Contract holder’s contractors contacted prior to making a claim with RWS and without prior authorization will not be eligible for service, or reimbursement, hereunder. RWS does not cover components damaged by outside contractors. Before you have work done, call RWS to find out if it is covered

Contractor Availability

RWS is not a contractor. However, all third party contractors in RWS’s network are screened for mandatory qualifications, insurance, and references. RWS does not guarantee the work of our network contractors, nor do we insure them for liabilities they may incur in the course of offering service. Should a contract holder or their property sustain any sort of damage resultant from the work of a contractor, the contractor should be notified immediately. RWS will make every reasonable effort to get a contractor dispatched within 24 business hours. During certain exceptional high volume claim periods, these times may be exceeded. RWS is not responsible for damage caused by delays in service.


The contract holder must pay their applicable deductible to the service contractor at the time of repair noting that more than one deductible may ultimately apply to a single claim.

Return Service Calls

RWS has a single deductible per structural component failure contract. If the contractor does not adequately rectify the issue reported by the contract holder on the first visit, and a similar problem persists shortly after a service call, please call RWS to inform them of the unsatisfactory repair. If the prob- lem is related to inadequate repair, the contractor will come back out to commence further repairs at no additional cost to the contract holder when that contractor is in the RWS network. The circumstances under which the component failed must be covered by the contract and RWS reserves the

right to send the same contractor to the home if the problem persists during the same contract term. Furthermore, it is our policy that our contractors leave a copy of the invoice for work performed at the warranted property for any repair. Each contractor has their own contract on how long they guarantee their workmanship and parts, which may extend beyond the term of your contract with RWS. Call the contractor for further details or inquire about their guaran- tees at the time service is performed.

Overtime Fees

If you choose to have a claim addressed outside of normal business hours, additional fees may apply as assessed by the contractor and will be the responsibility of the contract holder. Any claim, regardless of classification, may be handled after normal business hours based on the availabili- ty of RWS authorized contractors. RWS shall only be liable for the standard costs of repairing the failure; the contract holder would be responsible for any overtime charges imposed by the contractor.

Right of the Contract Holder

The contractor selected by RWS does not have to be the contractor to perform the repair. After diagnosis and before any repair actions have commenced, the contract holder may request cash in lieu of repair for that claim. RWS is not responsible for the work of contractors outside of our network under our “single deductible” contract (see next section). The Contract covers only items as described and excludes all others. All repairs will be made/offered in a manner determined by RWS. RWS shall have the sole option of determining in what manner the structural component failure will be corrected. Contract holder has the option of taking a cash payment in lieu of repair on any claim, a decision that must be made after diagnosis and approval of the claim by RWS and before any repairs have commenced and/or costs incurred on their behalf.

Second Opinions

RWS reserves the right to a second opinion after the diagno- sis of a covered issue by an approved RWS contractor, at the cost of RWS and at no further cost to the contract holder. In the case of a contract holder opting to utilize their own contractor, RWS reserves the right to a second opinion after diagnosis and estimates, at the cost of RWS less the deduct- ible that applies to that claim.


RWS may cancel this contract without refund to the contract holder under any of the following circumstances: (1) In the event of fraud or misrepresentation by the contract holder or any related parties, (2) If the contract holder fails to pay any fee associated with this contract including, but not limited to; deductible and payments for the service contract itself, or (3) If the home is vacated or has been left vacant in the past.

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