1 Year Termite Warranty

The 1 Year Termite Warranty is one of five warranties that we offer:

The 90 Day Warranty, 5 Year Roof Leak Warranty, Sewer|Gard Warranty, Mold|Safe Warranty, and One Year Termite Warranty

About This Warranty



Every CPI home inspection includes an extensive wood destroying organism inspection by a Licensed Pest Control Specialist. We identify active and previous infestations as well as conditions that are conducive to termite infestation.

If your home passes our inspection we will offer a one year full service guarantee. If termites show up or we miss them – we pay for all extermination cost.

Carolina Premier Inspection LLC

One Year Termite Assurance Guarantee

Your home inspection included a comprehensive Wood Destroying Organism Inspection. After evaluation of the home, it has been determined in your report if the structure qualifies for our one-year Termite Assurance Guarantee.


For a period of one year beginning on the date of your home inspection, Carolina Premier Inspections LLC will pay for any and all extermination costs for subterranean termite infestation if or when needed during the term for the qualified address. If termite infestation occurs, our termite specialist will confirm live activity, evaluate the infestation and make arrangements for extermination all at no cost to you. Our termite specialist will determine the best treatment method and see the project through to treatment and post-treatment follow up to determine the elimination of the infestation.


Coverage Limitations

This is a treatment guarantee and the client understands that under no circumstance is Carolina Premier Inspections LLC responsible for damages to the covered premises. It is understood that Carolina Premier Inspections is not responsible for any moisture/wood rot damage. This treatment guarantee excludes dry wood termites and above ground infestations. The guarantee does not include any wood-destroying organisms other than subterranean termites. This treatment guarantee can only be used for an active and subterranean termite infestation. An active infestation must be observed by a Carolina Premier Inspections Pest Specialist and determined by the presence of active and foraging worker termites. This guarantee cannot include infestations that are attributed to alternative or above grade moisture concerns such as, but not limited to, roofing leaks, plumbing leaks, stucco or siding leaks that supply moisture allowing termites to survive without returning to the ground. This guarantee does not cover repair costs to any damage to the structure for the purpose of subterranean termite extermination.

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