When I first met Bob Wiggins (My home inspector and now my Termite and pest control specialist) I knew right away that he was ALLLL about his business and is passionate about his line I work. As a first time homeowner and not knowing what to except, Bob advise me step by step what to except from him and was extremely informative. Trust me!!! I learned a lot from him. Especially on what to look for and or monitor to protect one of our largest investments. Our home. Especially your first one. I know some people that has had a home inspection and now suffer from either structural and extreme Termite disaster!!!! And their home is not even or close to 12 years old!! I was so shocked and sadden to see these people suffer and not be able to afford the cost of repairs or restoration that is so desperately needed right now because now the damage is so extensive now. The Home Inspector that inspected their home was NOT about his business, but WAS about a check to collect. The saying is SO true. “You Get What You Pay For” I really wish I knew Bob back then to definitely refer them to Bob Wiggins with Carolina Premier Home Inspections. Bob is “TOP NOTCH”. He guarantees his work in writing. It’s called “Home of the 4-way Premier Guarantee” (but you don’t have to worry about that) He takes his time when inspecting your investment. He is a firm believer in traditional family values, which is very important living in the south. So if you are buying or selling and or in need of a certified pest control specialist, PLEASE call “The Inspector Gadget” You will be so happy that you did. I know I am!!!! Thanks again Bob and his team at Carolina Premier Inspections LLC Job well done!!!! Sincerely, A new loyal customer.

–L. Chatman & A. Pinckney